10 Benefits of Meditation

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Everybody wants to be happy and satisfied in life, whether it was a teenager, a family person, or an older adult. We all seek something that would make us happy in life, but with the changing environment, we cannot find peace within us.

Nowadays, people are so busy in life that they forgot about their comfort and still somewhere they are looking for happiness. But the real question emerged: Are they looking for happiness in the right place?

Most of the people these days find the solution for being happy and get rid of the day to day stress with the meditation. Spending some time or even a few minutes in meditation can restore your inner peace and makes your body relax. It is just like having food for your brain.

Even though people have lots of work in life, but they somehow schedule a little bit of time doing meditation. So with the help of mediation, people find their life is changing day by day.

What Exactly is Meditation? 

Meditation is a mental exercise for your body to produce a deep state of relaxation, focus, and awareness. It is the three core practices for mind purification and reducing negative emotions from life. Meditation is the process of deep awakening of your inner state rather than simply closing one eye. It helps in clearing the thoughts by providing a continuous supply of motivation and focus on the brain.

Some studies prove that people who practice meditation tend to be happier in life.

M – Mindfulness (awakening to the possibility of each moment)

E – Enlightenment (seeking knowledge)

D – Daily intention (one thought, one breath, one action at a time)

I – Inner balance (centering the deepest part of your spirit)

T – Tranquility (looking with to find peace)

A – Acceptance (accepting all the thoughts without any judgment)

T – Trueness (state of being in all aspect of our lives)

I – Inner peace (Peace with yourself)

O – Oneness (realizing you are greater than yourself)

N– Namaste (respect all the person without any hesitation)

Some of the Key Points About the Meditation:

  • Meditation has been practiced all over the world in various cultures for thousands of years.
  • Most religions use meditative practices for inner peace.
  • Meditation can be used as a psychotherapeutic technique in many cases.
  • Meditation can be more effective than medicine available in the market.
  • Short meditation is more important than longer meditation.

Elements of Meditation

  • Free your mind
  • Relax your body and breath slowly
  • Choose a comfortable position
  • Accept all thoughts without any judgment

10 Benefits of Meditation in Our Life

Meditation is a powerful technique that establishes a connection between our internal and external worlds. People practice meditation to develop better habits, feelings, and positive thoughts. It helps to change every cell in the body, which is filled with energy. You will recognize or discover your own true self.

Meditation for Reduce Stress

These days stress is taking over most of the people, which is not a good sign for their health. A stressful situation can happen to anybody, whether they are teenagers or an adult person. It can usually occur because of family pressure or other social behavior.

Our body increases the level of stress hormone when encountering immediate threats, which can produce many harmful effects of stress. Sometimes this activity can damage brain functionality.

So, whenever you encounter a stressful situation, always remember to choose meditation, which can help to reduce the stress level and promote better health. It activates your inner peace and improves your brain efficiency.

At last, you can try the meditation style called “mindfulness meditation” that can reduce the inflammation response, which was caused by stress.

“Give your stress wings and let it fly away.” – Terri Guillemets

Meditation Promotes Better Emotional Health

Nobody wants to have poor health quality in their life, which can reduce life expectancy. So, if you give certain minutes for meditation, then it improves your health condition day after day. Hence, meditation helps to improve your self-image by encoring you to eat healthy food.

Most of the time, people have poor health because they usually wake up late in the morning or go to work after waking up. These daily activities are affecting your health slowly, which is not a good sign. By doing meditation early in the morning, encourage healthy habits. Therefore, you can stay more focused on greater productivity in the morning.

Sometimes your poor health can be caused by depression or anxiety. This behavior can hamper your health quality by emerging negative thoughts. So, meditative practices on a daily basis can promote positive thinking in your daily life, your mood, and the overall emotional health of a person.

Meditation Improves Better Sleep

Another benefit of meditation is that it improves sleep. Just with little practice before going to sleep will have a positive impact on your life.

In fact, most of the population of the world is struggling with insomnia or sleep disorders. It reduces the strength in our body and affects our metabolism. Therefore trying deep meditation before going to bed can improve sleep quality and make it easier for you to fall asleep without any worries.

Meditating at night is more effective in getting rid of nightmares and sleeping problems. Besides that, it can also be useful for the old age people as they are finding it difficult to sleep. Better sleep is essential for maintaining good productivity at work, and meditation can be the best solution for all these activities.

Some studies have proven that who practice bedtime meditation have better sleep quality than non-mediators. Another study says that meditation can improve the REM sleep rate by up to 20% to 25%, which helps us to sleep like a little baby and will feel more refreshing in the morning.

Meditation Can Keep us From Aging

For most people, aging can be problems in life as they do not want to get old too early. We use lots of anti-aging products in our daily life to get rid of it. But still, there a frequently asked question we find on the internet. Can we slow the aging process? Is there any solution for this problem?

Yes, mediation is a solution as it increases telomerase (protective caps located at the ends of chromosomes) activity of the body. It activates the key that deals with anti-aging — a person with longer telomeres likely to live a longer life. Therefore, daily meditation can produce telomerase inside the human body, which helps you to slow down aging.

Meditation for Better Study

Did you find difficulty while studying, or you cannot stay focus on the study properly?

Then regular meditation can improve your brain activities. Some students cannot concentrate on study properly, whether it was during an exam or on a regular basis. We got distracted by external forces where our minds cannot perform properly. As a result, we failed to do certain tasks.

Meditation helps us to gain control over our mind and build up focus on the study. Only a few minutes of meditation can give you peace, stress-free life, which also helps with academic performance.

“The curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning” – William Arthur Ward

Meditation for Anger Control

We all felt anger in certain circumstances. You will feel satisfied for a while, but you will regret it later. Anger is your biggest enemy that makes your mouth work faster than your mind.

Let’s suppose your flight got delay for 2 hours, but yelling at the desk attendant will get you a private jet? Obviously not.

Meditation actually helps you to gain control in such a situation by replacing positive Self-control. It empowers your thinking with a positive mindset on every level where your mind will be calm, and your thoughts will be clear.

Anger clouds our mind and prevents to build clear thought when we cannot receive what we want. As a result, outburst the trouble, so meditative practice helps to recognize the triggers before they start to make a negative response or reaction over certain circumstances.

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness” – Ralpha Waldo Emerson

Meditation for Bad Addiction

Nearly, most people are addicted to bad things: whether it’s tobacco, alcohol, coffee, or other illegal things. Those bad habits always unbalance your daily life by causing obstacles. You will not get any peace after accepting those bad addictions, besides they will pull you even deeper.

So, meditation is the best solution to tackle bad addiction or habits. It will stimulate and train your brain to be happy even without lousy addiction. Meditation extracts the brainwaves exactly the same doctors use to treat addiction. You will find peace and relaxable and forgot all your lousy addiction.

If you can quit bad addiction for a day through meditative practice, you can quit it for a lifetime. 

“Recovery is hard. Regret is harder” – Brittany Burgunder

Meditation Can Generate kindness

Kindness is such a beautiful thing that does not cost anything. You just need to have a positive feeling inside your heart.

Implementing meditative practices in your daily life can increase the kindness level. Day after day, your perception regarding the particular situation will be changed. It increases the positive feeling and action towards others.

Most importantly, meditative practices develop kind thoughts and feelings towards you, and you will learn to forgive other people or your enemies.

Some studies showed that few minutes of meditative practices help to deal with social anxiety and reduce marriage conflict in your life.

Meditation for a Healthy Heart

Everybody knows that proper diet and exercise are essential for a happy and healthy heart. However, only a few people realize that a good heart requires a peaceful mind.

study shows in the academic compilation “Potentiating Health, and the Crisis of The Immune System” psychologist Dr. Carl Stonier had guided meditation for 40 heart patients. Meditation treatment is a useful measure in most of the heart cases. It is the best medicine which only you cost a few minutes.

Meditation can be a miracle treatment for those who are suffering from a heart problem. You will need to sit down, close your eye, and take a deep breath for a couple of minutes.

 “The best cure for our body is a quiet mind” – Napolian Banapate

Meditation for Happiness

Everyone wants happiness in their life. We are searching for happiness in different places, or things – just a tiny bit of happiness can change our mood. But we forgot that happiness first comes within you and yourself.

First, you need to know yourself where meditative practice can help you to gain proper happiness.

Let’s suppose you will find happiness when you only interact with your Smartphone. But if you stop interacting with it for a few days, then you will start to feel uncomfortable. So meditation trains your brain monkey to reduce the constant need for a phone; as a result, we become much happier and clam. Meditation does not make arguments to trash your phone and live a life without it for days – it simply releases tension and anxiety when you are not using your device.


Mostly meditation can help in all the aspects of our life, which is crucial for us. It creates a balance between external peace and internal peace. Meditation increases the self-awareness that we often feel in our surroundings.

Everyday practice of meditation helps us to deal in a stressful situation by focusing on the goals. Our patience and tolerance will get even better if we implement meditate practice in our life. After a couple of times, you will find that your life is changing and you became more and more you.

“So quiet the mind, then your soul will speak.”

Are you feeling excited to do a few minutes of meditation? Then listen to some meditation music for more relaxation. Good vibes give you a relaxable, peaceful, and comfortable meditation music during your meditative practice.

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