Benefits of Meditation

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How much do you know about yourself; internally?

You are still confused, aren’t you? This busy life schedule has created your external image only where you have lost the internal side that truly belongs to you. The best way to find you in your own life is by doing meditation.

Yeah! Meditation is the technique of resting your mind and gaining a state of consciousness that is different from your daily life work schedule. It does not belong to any religion rather it is the science with its own orders, principles, which gives verified results. Your mind is clear, relax, and internally focus within you, during the meditation. The meditation helps to increase your self-understanding level.

Keeping those things in mind, we have created an app “Good Vibes Official” for you to make your life easier. We have a list of audio files that will help you to relax your body and mind.

There are generally 7 types of meditation:

  • Mindful meditation
  • Yoga meditation
  • Loving-kindness meditation
  • Transcendental meditation
  • Chakra meditation
  • Guided meditation
  • Vipassana meditation.

Meditation teaches you to systematically explore your inner dimension with a commitment, not a commandment.

This article is all about the benefits of meditation in your life, having it as a daily routine of life. The benefits of Meditation can be classified into 3 headings:

  1. Physical benefits
  2. Mental benefits
  3. Other benefits.

Physical Benefits

One should be physically fine first to do anything in their life. The physical benefits of meditation include the positive reaction of your body after the meditation.

Some of the physical benefits that can be gained through meditating are:

  • Decreases the pain in your body that is related to any kind of tension (i.e. headache, insomnia, joint pain, ulcer, muscular problems)
  • Meditation enhances your immune system.
  • Makes your heart healthier
  • Helps to increase serotonin production in your body
  • Reduces the anxiety attacks
  • Increases your energy level
  • Improves your sleep
  • Improves your blood circulation
  • Improves your memory retention
  • Supports women’s health

Meditation acts as the tool to balance between your body and state of mind. Meditation brings remarkable physical benefits to your life.

Decrease the Pain in Your Body Related to Any Kind of Tension

All your body pains that occur due to tension of your monotonous work life, relationship misunderstanding, family-friends pressure, can be healed with the regular meditation.

Meditation Enhances Your Immune System

Mediation includes the breathing exercise to all body yoga exercise which enhances your immune system and make you stronger. The mindful session of meditation improves the immune system function of your body.

Makes Your Heart Healthier

Your heart becomes healthy when you meditate regularly as it decreases the lipid peroxide which is harmful to your arteries. Meditation decreases your blood pressure and takes you to a relaxed state reducing the risk of heart diseases. Many studies have verified that regular meditators have a healthy heart than non-meditators.

It also helps to increase serotonin production in the body of meditators.

Reduces the Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks have been a common problem in this century peoples as they are more concerned with other things than their own health. Undoubtedly, meditation is the best way to reduce anxiety attacks which is also proved by many studies and research.

Increases Your Energy Level

Meditation makes your body and mind fresh and clam with positive vibes. This helps to increase your energy level.

Improves Quality of Sleep

How much do you rank your sleep in 1-10 ?! Sleep is a good way of getting rest, so your sleep needs to be quality and sound. Many of us, have the problem even to sleep (deep sleep) which creates unwanted vibration in our body.

Yes! you are right. Meditation improves the quality of your sleep. Try it.

The playlist on our app good vibes official contains various relaxation music that will help you to sleep better. We also have audio files that are specifically designed for you to sleep better.

A sound sleep is important for both our mental and physical health. It is also the time when our body is enabled to repair and be fit for another day. So, for this reason, we added three kinds of sleep audio files:

  • Sleep stories
  • Sleep for kids
  • Sleep sound

Improves Blood Circulation

Your overall body blood circulation will improve in the brain and other organs during the practice of meditation. Good blood circulation also helps to get more oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body.

Improves Memory Retention

It is also believed that meditation retains your memory. 20 minutes meditation boosts your memory power, alertness, mental agility, mostly fruitful for old age people.

Supports Women’s Health

Most of the women face reproductive problems which create anxiety, increases irritability, and many other problems related to menus. Meditation is also regarded as a good solution for problems arise by menstruation or menus.

Mental Benefits

Mental benefits also mean psychological benefits that are most essential for one’s prosperous life. Mental health should be always concerned, for your healthy life alongside physical health. You are affected or disturbed by any kind of activity that is happening around you.

So, meditation is the only way to make your mental health sound and mind peaceful.

Some mental benefits of meditation are:

  • Promotes your emotional health
  • Helps to improve your emotional stability
  • Increase your level of creativity
  • Develops your intuition
  • Sharpens your mind and also make it peaceful
  • Enhance one’s self-awareness
  • Reduces your stress
  • Control your anxiety
  • Help you to fight against your addiction
  • Makes better “YOU”

Meditation is certainly a means of freeing yourself from the worries that gnaw you. Mental benefits may not be noticed immediately but slowly your impression is being stored in your unconscious mind that will help you eventually; be patient to yourself.

Promotes Emotional Health

Everybody has emotions, but emotion should be executed properly in the right manner to gain a better outcome. That why you should take care of your emotional health that is possible through meditation. You will be able to maintain the stability in your emotion that is kind of necessary.

Helps to Improves Your Emotional Stability

Your mind becomes more peaceful, creative, clam once you start doing meditation. One would start turns oneself inward and start to accept their own flaws and weakness with the practice of meditation. This is necessary for your happiness cause it all depends on you.

Increase Your Level of Creativity

Meditation opens your mind to new ideas and generates positive vibes in mind. This helps to enhance your level of creativity.

Develops Your Intuition

When you meditate, your mind and body become clear, calm, relaxed, which helps you to make a better decision. Your concentration level increases and it develops your access to intuition.

Reduces Your Stress

Stress has, had, have always a negative impact on our health, stress leads to depression, anxiety, loneliness, and brings much bad thought to you. All this problem can be solved by meditation as it makes you more clam, self-alert, with inner peace which helps to manage your stress.

Control Your Anxiety

Your anxiety can also be managed and prevent by meditating. Meditation reduces emotional eating and loneliness. Your start learning awareness, a better sense of humor by meditating. This helps to control your anxiety in a natural way. Meditators are found to be more self-compassion and have good mental clarity. Your brain starts rewiring for happiness by enhancing your capacity to experience good positive mood.

Helps to Fight Against Your Addiction

Its true, meditation helps to break your tough habits or addiction. You can find all you want in yourself nor any kind of other materialistic things by meditating. Alcoholism, drug induction, and any unwanted affection can also be minimized and control with the help of meditation.

Mental disorder people can also be benefited by meditating. As it a completely natural process, it does not affect adversely. It sharpens your mind without any tension or frustration.

Makes Better YOU

Meditation helps to manage your stress, anxiety, pain, addiction and helps to gloom you in the best way in and out.

Other Benefits

Besides physical and psychological benefits, we can have many other benefits from meditation. Meditation brings harmony in your creation with your personal transformation. Personal transformation from inside out that will foster you naturally to be YOU.

You can feel the changes in yourself once you start meditating. It will help you to tackle the busy world in your best possible way.

Not only in personal changes and benefits; it is also effective in any kind of organization works and outcomes through group meditation and many more.

Many of us have relationship problems and issues in our life. All the ups-down in a relationship creates tension that disturbs your mind, work, and other factors. Many types of research have proved that meditation also workout for relationship problems to settle.

You can practice meditation as a way of life, hobbies, hygiene, routine, spiritual disciplines, therapy, stress reliever for your personal benefits.

Other than this, it the best way to make you positive in a hard time also.

Currently, we are facing the pandemic all over the world. Peoples normal life is disturbed which creates tension, fear, anxiety, and many more difficulties. All around the globe, people know about the devil virus COVID-19. The best way to fight against it is to self-quarantine yourself and remain physically and mentally fit.

Many thoughts roam around your mind which is harmful as it can weaken your mental health. But out of all of this, it’s your responsibility to make yourself happy and healthy. This is possible only through MEDITATION. One needs to be more careful about their mental health with physical cause a disturbed mind can lead to a devastating result of destroying oneself and society.

World health organizations have also given priorities to meditation as it is the best cure for mental health illness. Mental health should be always kept in the top position in your life because a healthy mind can work the best. Children, adults, old-aged people, every kind of person can practice meditation and make themselves best.

Thus, meditation helps you to appreciate life more in beautiful ways. You will start feeling more connected with yourself and the work you do once you commence meditating. Your performance will increase with an increase in the concentration level. It also believed that meditation improves the ability to work under stress, which helps in information processing and decision making. You can gain mental strength, emotional intelligence, resilience, and many more. You will start loving your life more with greater dimensions.

You will live happier and longer. Isn’t that great? That everyone wishes to, I guess.

Of course, all this is possible due to meditation.


We hope this article gives ample knowledge about Meditation and its benefits under various perspectives. If you have any questions regarding the information that we have provided in this article, ask freely in our comment section. Feel free to ask any question, we will always be grateful to help you.

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