How Does music, Especially, Binaural Beats Help Relax Our Body And Mind

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People have been using music as a remedy for various psychological diseases for a long time now. Even physicians and psychologists recommend and use music as therapy for patients with different mental and physical disorders.

The most common disorders healed with music therapy are anxiety, depression, and sometimes even Alzheimer’s disease. Music also tends to heal physical injuries faster and help people with sleeping disorders.

But not all kinds of music has positive effects on people. While some act as magical potions, some can be too loud and disturbing and can even create a hearing disability. One such form of music that has been studied for many years and is claimed to have great positive effects on people’s minds and bodies is binaural beats. In this section, we will be looking at the binaural beats in brief and discuss how music and binaural beats help relax our body and mind.

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What Are Binaural Beats?

Binaural literally means having or relating to two ears. When you hear two types of tone, one in each ear with different frequencies, your brain stimulates a beat with a frequency equal to the difference of the parent beats. This beat is called a binaural beat.

Here is an example to understand binaural beats more clearly. Suppose you have a stereo headphone on and the left side is producing a tone of 110 Hz and the right side a tone of 100Hz. Now instead of hearing two different sounds, your brain will process a single tone with a frequency of 10Hz. This way you will only hear a sound of frequency 10 Hz.

There are limited conditions in which your brain can process binaural beats. You should be wearing a stereo headphone. The two, parent tones shouldn’t have frequencies greater than 1000 HZ. Also, the difference between the two tones cannot be greater than 30 Hz.

What Happens In Your Brain While Listening To Binaural Beats?

The human brain is divided into the left and right hemispheres. When we are performing a specific task only a portion of one side of our brain is used. This is the main reason why people say that “humans only use 10% of their brains”. But this statement is a myth because we use a lot more of our brain than that. Also, people have a dominant side of their brain and primarily tend to perceive the world from that side.

But different studies have shown that if you increase the communication between the two halves of your brain then it results in an increased level of coordination and intelligence.

When you are listening to two tones with different frequencies, the communication between the two sides of your brain increases to process a binaural beat. This communication and information sharing increase the new neural pathways in the corpus callosum which is the part of the brain that connects the two halves. When two parts of our brain have increased communication and coordination, then our ability to make decisions, solve problems, and concentrate also increases.

How Can Music, Especially Binaural Beats Help Relax Our Body And Mind

If you were to measure the neural activity in your brain using EEG monitors, you will see that the neurons of your brain are firing at all times. The different types of brainwaves are associated with different states of awareness. For example, if you were stressed, the EEG monitor would record the beta waves. The good thing about binaural beats is that they allow people to put their brains into certain states.

Binaural beats can bring the same benefits that meditation brings in your life. The most renowned benefits of listening to binaural beats daily are:

  • Listening to binaural beats on headphones, reduces anxiety from the patient, before and after a complex surgery.
  • People with insomnia can get better sleep if they listen to binaural beats of a specific frequency.
  • Studying while listening to binaural beats at low volume, increases concentration, and help you remain focused for a longer time.
  • People with depression get positive thoughts and also can tune down the number of negative thoughts running inside their minds if they listen to binaural beats.
  • Artists use binaural beats and music of their choice to enhance creativity while painting, creating music, creating fictional characters, etc.
  • Children with disability and distress have shown signs of healing after being treated with binaural waves.

People have been using music as medicine for a long time now. When tablets, surgery, and complex treatments fail on different psychological diseases, doctors relied on music, art, and other forms of treatment. The major principle of these treatments is to distract the patients from the thoughts in their heads.

Music Vs Binaural Beats

When we listen to any kind of soothing music, our mind engages in the music rather than all the thoughts building up inside our brain. The brain becomes calm and relaxes for some time. The neural activity in the brain decreases. But when the brain processes a binaural beat, certain parts of the brain engage and become more active than before. By choosing a certain type of brainwave and listening to it, gives us control over our mind and body.

How To Use Binaural Beats?

Although there is very complex and deep science associated with binaural beats, anyone can use them at home easily. All you need are a pair of stereo headphones and binaural beat audio. You can easily find these audios on our mobile application and YouTube Channel. As I have mentioned above, to produce a binaural beat, two tones shouldn’t have a frequency greater than 1000Hz, and the difference between them shouldn’t be greater than 30 Hz.

Now you must decide which is your desired state. The list below indicates what state of your mind you can achieve just by listening to binaural beats of a certain frequency.

Delta range (1 to 4 Hz) is related to a deep dreamless sleep.

Theta range (4 to 8 Hz) is related to rapid eye movement sleep (REM), creative states, and meditation.

Alpha range (8 to 13 Hz) is related to relaxation and a peaceful state.

Beta range (14 to 30 Hz) is related to concentration and alertness, problem-solving, and improved memory.

For example, if you want to study and practice math then you select a binaural beat of frequency around 14 to 30 Hz. Such audios are easily available on our mobile application and our YouTube channel, “Good Vibes Official”. You are just one click away from obtaining the desired state of your mind. We have a playlist of every frequency under the binaural beats.

How To Practice Music Meditation?

Practicing music meditation is relatively easier and achievable as compared to normal meditation. You have to find a comfortable spot, a binaural beat and a pair of stereo headphones. Then you sit down comfortably for 10 to 20 minutes a day and listen to the music without any break with your eyes closed. Focusing solely on the tone, helps you tune down the number of thoughts in your mind, and helps your mind and body relax.

The important factors that increase the efficiency of music meditation are consistency and experiment. The generalized tone and time of the meditation may not be the perfect choice for you. So, you must experiment with yourself. For this, you should change the duration of the meditation every day. After a few days, you will know the right amount of time that is enough for you and what best suits your schedule.

Another factor that will benefit you from music meditation is consistency. Despite having a busy schedule, if you manage to separate some time for meditation every day then it will be more effective and have great benefits in your body and mind.


Binaural beats have great healing capacity but also have side effects. People with epilepsy should consult their doctors before performing musical meditation otherwise the neural activity in their brain can spike up and they may end up having seizures. All in all, binaural beats can have some very great benefits in our body and mind. People of all ages can practice musical meditation and get the most out of it. Various studies show the benefits of binaural beats. In the early days, people used meditation for relaxation purposes. But closing the eyes and tuning down the number of thoughts in our mind was a bit difficult. So, people relied on technology.

I think all the information regarding binaural beats and music meditation mentioned above was helpful. Trust me, if you establish the habit of performing musical meditation regularly, you will be able to feel the good changes from inside yourself within a few days. Musical meditation and binaural waves being medicines are not hoaxed and it has been practically proven by many studies. So, you should give it a try. Download our app Good Vibes Official today and start listening to over 500+ soothing and relaxing music. But before that, it is important to let your doctor know about it and you know about everything related to binaural beats, even the side effects.

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