The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara): The Seventh Chakra | How To Balance Them

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Our connection to the spiritual world is evident one way or the other. Those who are practitioners of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, etc. can find it easier to bond with one’s spirituality. Balancing the Chakras is one way to achieve spiritual clarity.

If you are following our previous articles, you must know by now that balancing the seven chakras will help you achieve a stable life. These chakras represent a form of energy dispersed throughout our bodies. Balancing the chakras encourages feelings of health, joy, and confidence.

Today, we are here to talk about the final chakra, “The Crown Chakra”. As the name suggests, its location is at the top of our head. Opening and balancing our crown chakra opens up our consciousness beyond any personal fixation and perspective. We can achieve a higher level of understanding about everything in this universe.

Ready to open up your mind into the depths of the physical world? Read the article to comprehend the wonders of the seventh chakra.

comprehend the wonders of the seventh chakra.

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The Crown Chakra

Driven by consciousness, the Crown Chakra is the highest chakra, which connects the divine and spiritual nature. This chakra is the Chakra of Prayer. Meaning that it is the quest for an intimate connection to the universe.

You can refer to the crown chakra with different names. Such as “Sahasrara”, “Shunnya”, “Niralambapuri”. The most commonly used is “Sahasrara”.

Sahasrara in Sanskrit implies “Thousand Petals” or “Thousand Folds”. You can depict a lotus with thousands of white petals.

Just as the Root or First Chakra brings us together into the Mother Earth, the Crown Chakra is our bond with the universe. The seventh chakra is our affiliation with Divinity. It acts as a portal through which energy of life enters into our body.

Lack of this energy in an individual means absence of a link with self as well as other people. Hence, by balancing the root chakra means experiencing an idyllic state of spiritual ecstasy.

Working of the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra diligently correlates with the human brain and the whole nervous system due to its location. This chakra sits at the top of our head or even slightly above the head.

The role of the crown chakra ties with the functioning of diverse parts of the human body. For instance, it helps in the proper functioning of the brain, ears, eyes, muscle system, skeletal system, and even the skin.

The crown chakra is like our inventory for energies. It stores the energy gathered through our thought processes and actions. We solidify these energies by means of the act of faith, meditation, and prayer.

Hence, the crown chakra is in control of our thought, awareness, wisdom, and spirituality. All these connect us to the Divine. Practicing to balance and heal our crown chakra clears, opens, and harmonizes the energy fields within our body. It brings the body, mind, and spirit into alignment.

All these practices make a step closer to enlightenment. It is not likely that you will achieve enlightenment only by practicing to balance the crown chakra. You will, however, experience great clarity and inner peace.

The will overcome the feeling of disconnection with people and the environment around you. Then you will be able to replace the sense of isolation with interrelation will all life form.

Balancing the crown chakra takes ample of time, practice, dedication, and discipline. You need commitment as well as patience to achieve it.

Color of the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra has one of the most beautiful color and symbol representation. Mostly you see this chakra denoted with white coloration. You can also see deep purple representing it.

Gold, white or clear light can also be the auric color of the crown chakra energy.

Characteristics of the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra has an impact on both the behavioral as well as psychological aspects. It helps us associate with a higher form of consciousness. Making us understand the wisdom of what is sacred. In addition, we can connect ourselves with the formless and limitless.

You can say that crown chakra is the entry point for the energy of the greater universe into our human body. This energy influences the body, mind, and spirit. Moreover, it transmits across the physical body and through the lower chakras.

It is the chakra of connection

As we have mentioned earlier, the crown chakra connects major human body systems. It ties the nervous system, muscle system as well as the skin.

Not just the physical body, this chakra also helps in our emotional state. The crown chakra creates commitment to divine links and transcendental thoughts, motivated and prophesied thoughts as well.

It is the chakra of life energy

Having a balanced crown chakra makes people see a different perception of life, death as well as spirituality. Symbolically speaking, Sahasrara epitomizes the purest form of life energy. The energy revolves around the idea of the union of mind or soul with divine reality.

At certain points throughout our lives, the Crown Chakra tells us that we face a crossroads where an old phase needs to perish in order to be reborn.

It is the chakra of humanity

Working to balance the crown chakra will make us realize the pure energy within our human body. We can realize what it feels to be in a human body. All of our souls are interconnect with a cosmic force. When our mind is open, feelings of empathy on a great scale.

How Do You Balance The Crown Chakra?

Now that you know about what is the crown chakra and how it works, let us move on to how it affects our human body.

Many advance and complex techniques can be used to achieve the balance of the crown chakra. However, there are some simple things as well. Most of the time simple techniques can help a lot and is more effective.

Even for beginners, you will find it useful throughout the years to come. In this article, we will most likely be focusing on the methods that you do not find challenging in your daily life. You can try one at the time or combine different procedures.

1. Meditation

“Mediation is the discovery of your true self”. It is an age-old practice, which is as old as time. Nevertheless, it definitely works wonders. By meditating, you can bring balance and concentration to your sacred energy center.

You need to focus your attention on the top of your head. Your intention should be to balance the crown chakra. When you are concentrating, you can chant the mantra of “Om”, as it is the mantra for the crown chakra. Another thing you can do is picturing the violet color.

2. Try To Stop Your Thoughts

Most of the scenarios that make us worried, anxious, and angry are the situations that we create in our own head. You might create them intentionally or unintentionally. Most of the time, you cannot control it.

This is what you need to take care of. You need to try to stop all the thoughts building up inside your head. Challenging your inner thoughts and not believing everything you think can help you create a sense of peace.

Hence, you try to self-inquire, if what you are thinking is true.

3. Yoga Practices

For the crown chakra, you will need to pose in a certain way. You can try postures like Shavasana i.e. the corpse position or Padmasana i.e. the lotus position.

There is an advanced pose that you can do on the headstand called Shrishasan. This posture helps to balance your crown chakra by increasing the blood flow to your head.

4. Read

Make habit of reading books, videos, and listen to various podcasts about something that connects you to the universe. Choose topics that help you grow. Be honest with yourself and know how you are.

Understanding the qualities within you that are good and bad can help you deepen your courage and knowledge. In other words, the more you educate yourself, the more you grow modesty about life and openness to yourself and to others.

5. Keep your surroundings clean

Having dirty surroundings can make you feel congested. The mess around you can create mental and emotional stress. We possess many things that are we do not need and never use at all.

You should try to remove any unwanted possessions from your life. You can either throw them away or if they are in perfect conditions, maybe donate. When you do this, you will endure an uplifting spirit of joy and calmness.

This process is similar to purification. You filter out unnecessary items and keep your surroundings simple and clean. It will increase your energy and frees up your mind.

6. Create your own spiritual practice

There is not just one way to achieve the balance of the crown chakra. It can be effective if you try to do things in your own way. As human beings have diverse characteristics, the balancing of the chakras can also be different for different people.

For instance, we like to listen to some binaural beats with aromatic candles and read a book. Some people like to sing, dance, or create art. All these are also different forms of meditation and concentration.

You only need to feel authentic and calm. If it is right for you, it is right for you.

7. Using stones, crystals, and jewelry

The chakras also have links with different stones and crystals. You can wear these stones and crystals as a form of jewelry. Some can wear them as a necklace, some earrings, rings, bracelets, etc.

Not a fan of jewelry? No problem. You can just place the stones or hold them in a few prominent places.

Few of the crown chakra crystals are clear quartz, sugilite, and selenite. All these crystals help to link ourselves to energize and boost out the spiritual attainment. The crystals keep you away from any negativity.

8. Proper Diet

What you eat directly affects your body. For example, if you feel junk and oily food too much you can see your skins out breaking and uneasiness throughout the body. Therefore, keep in mind what you consume.

Eating healthy foods promotes overall well-being and keeps the entire energy center aligned. Foods that you can eat to balance the crown chakra can be violet color foods (not the artificial coloring obviously), ginger, herbal teas, etc.

The violet foods are the color of the crown chakra so it can be helpful. Organic spices have cleansing properties and promote spiritual clarity.

9. Using Herbs

You will be able to use herbs such as holy basil, lotus, Gotu kola, lavender, etc. The best ways to use these herbs are as tea or burn them for odor, or crush them and apply as a paste.

10. Use Affirmations

Using authentic affirmation is one way to balance your chakras. The use of affirmation helps to boost confidence. Additionally, the crown chakra connects to self-esteem; it will be very beneficial to balance the crown chakra.

Few examples of affirmations linked to the crown chakra are “I accept myself completely”, “I am connected”, “I am free of limiting beliefs”, “I am at peace”, “I honor the divine in me”, “I embrace letting go”, “I listen to the Universe”.

Binaural Beats for Crown Chakra

If you have read our previous article, you must be aware of different binaural beats associated with different chakras. Every chakra has binaural beats with its own frequency. The same goes for the crown chakra.

Binaural beats are rhythmic and regular frequencies of sound that can quickly bring you into a meditative state. When you hear the binaural rhythm, something called “brainwave training” is generated in your brain.

The Frequency

When you listen to the binaural beats having a frequency of 963 Hz, it will most likely help to open your crown chakra. This meditation approaches Earth Resonant frequencies at a low of 7.83 Hz (Schumann Resonance) up to an Earth Resonant frequency of 14.1 Hz.

Tibetan singing bowls tuned to Sahasrara frequencies and binaural Beats with a Solfeggio frequency at 963 Hz accompany this meditation.

Not only can this deeply balanced and transformational meditation help stabilize your Crown Chakra, but it will also align your mind and spirit through our planet’s resonance.

You can find binaural beats for free on our app and our YouTube channel. All you need to do is go to the app store or play store and download our app Good Vibes Official.

There are lists of audio files just for you, choose an audio file, put on your headphones, sit back and relax listening to the music. 

If you choose a paid subscription, you can download these binaural beats to your phone and listen to it anywhere in the get-go using. Use earbuds or headphones for more convenience.

How does Binaural Beats balance Crown Chakra?

Let us start with how binaural beats actually work. In simple words, binaural beats send two different frequencies to each of our ears. When hearing these frequencies simultaneously, our brain creates a third frequency from the difference between the two. The third frequency slowly alters our brainwaves.

This will easily and safely open and unlock your Crown Chakra. It opens to a position beyond ego, consciousness, and body, and can bring more peace and harmony to your life.

Binaural beats for the crown chakra makes us feel as if we are part of everything and everything is a part of us. It connects us to the infinite universe. Hence, the frequency of the binaural beat for the crown chakra is also the frequency of the universe.

We can feel a spiritual connection with everyone in this universe if we concentrate on the frequency. A feeling of blissful peace, calmness, strong nervous system vibrates throughout our body through the music.

Finally, through balancing the crown chakra, we feel the love of the universe. We know our place in the universe and connection with self as well as others.

Closing Remarks

The Sahasrara or the crown chakra is our connection with Divinity. Balancing the seventh chakra may be a bit overwhelming at the beginning. With practice, you will be able to enjoy the experience.

Without this energy, people cannot work properly and continue to feel detached from themselves and others.

Through balancing and strengthening the seventh chakra, we can link ourselves to the higher force, and obtain their love, which can then be shared with those around us.

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