How meditation can help with Studying & Exams

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In the 21st century, Meditation has been practiced by every individual, uses a meditation technique to keep focus the mind on a particular task they perform. Meditation helps us to train our attention, keep us conscious of thoughts or activities, achieve an evident mentality, and keep our emotions calm & a stable state. And the question is, does Meditation can help with Studying & Exams?

Yes, Meditation can help us with our studies and examination because Meditation is the right way to increase your concentration, stay focused on your subject you are working on, and keeps your memory capacity sharp. Meditation helps you in three ways in the examination: Increase Memory to Remember, Mindfulness, and Minimize Mind Wandering.

How do you study for your examination? Do you read silently, or do you listen to music in the background, it doesn’t matter because the Psychological Science Journal has confirmed Meditation helps to improve your memory capacity and reduce your pressure. If you are a silent reader, you can meditate and study, or if you are a music lover, you can also listen to meditation music which makes your mind focused & stable and increase your concentration power.

4 Useful Meditation Techniques Which Helps in Your Examination

Usually, when we talk about Meditation, people think Meditation is all about closing eyes and breathing in and out. There are different techniques and more than we know. Even scientists agree that Meditation and daily exercise won’t increase your brain but, obviously, your memory and increase your thinking capacity. So, let’s move to our topic, four useful Meditation for exam preparation.

Concentration Meditation

Concentration is the term where your mind focuses on a single point, and you can make you mind concentrate by listening to sound like raining or wind blowing and a repetitive gong on YouTube, which helps you to keep your mind concentrate and increase the concentration power of your mind this will help you in studying and remember the topic.

This might be boring for the beginner, you might get bored, but Meditation can be tricky when your mind is full of other thoughts because this will help you to focus just on Meditation and let other ideas go and also reduce your stress and anxiety.

Walking Meditation

You don’t just have to sit and waste your busy schedule because while you are walking, you can listen to meditation sounds, which feels peaceful. But it’s better you avoid noisy environments and find a location where you can walk without disturbance.

Walking meditation makes you aware of everything happening in your surroundings and concentrates on regulating your breathing. Even if it is for a while, you can increase your creativity and productivity, which helps you in examination to write your paper.

Mantra meditation

You can find the mantra on YouTube, which inspires you and make you calm down. You can either say or think of the mantra as well, but while you are listening to the mantra or saying it, ask your family or friends not to disturb you because this will disrupt your listening power and you will not be able to focus on the mantra.

Mantra meditation helps you to improve your critical thinking and make your problem solving, and it is evident every Meditation reduces your anxiety and makes you focused.

Kindness Meditation

For kindness Meditation, you should find a proper location where you can comfortably sit or lie down and concentrate on your breath. Think of every good thing that happened and good peoples in your life whom you love the most which bring happiness and joy in your life.

Kindness meditation will help you to be self-acceptance and increase your mood and feeling, which motivates you to smile, and you will not feel frustrated and bored while reading.

[Note: we don’t mean only meditating without learning your course books helps you to score good results for that you have to make a proper learning mood and the environment with your free mind and read well].

Meditation helps you by three ways in the examination: Increase Memory to Remember, Mindfulness, and Minimize Mind Wandering.

Now you have known about meditation technique which helps you in your studies, and how to meditate. Let’s talk about some benefits of Meditation for studying.

  1. Meditation helps you to improve your concentration and make you focused.
  2. Meditation will help you to learn new things and improve your grasping power.
  3. Meditation will, of course, reduce your exam-stress and other pressure from you.
  4. Meditation makes your brain intelligent.
  5. Meditation will create joy and a pleasant feeling environment to study.
  6. Meditation will help you to bring out your hidden talents.


I think Meditation is a powerful technique which helps not only in studies but in your daily life performances and task. You should follow Meditation properly to implement it for a proper result. Meditation helps us to make our body and mind healthy, which means we can concentrate and stay focused, relief from stress and pressure, improve our grasping power, which helps us in our studies. If our mind is stress-free and concentrates, we can quickly adopt the things that we learn and implement them correctly in our examination. So, I think Meditation is the proper key to make your capacity for learning activities suitable and helps to score a good result in your exam.

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