Mistakes that Beginner do During Meditation

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If you are a beginner, it’s obvious to have curiosity and nervousness while doing meditation. It is a fact that many questions pop up in a beginner’s mind during meditation. “Am I doing this right’ is the most common frequent question that comes up in every Beginner’s mind while meditating.

Well, I also had to face the same problem when I just started my meditation practice. One thing which I had noticed is that our mind will fall into the same trap over and over again while doing meditation. Not just a single trap, there are many traps which our mind loves to fall in a while doing meditation. However, the main point is to overcome those traps and balance the meditation atmosphere around you.

So, in this article, I’m going to share the common Beginner’ mistakes while indulging in meditation. And after going through this article, you will surely be better equipped to meditate more systematically and properly.

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10 Common Beginner Mistakes in Meditation

Doing meditation is very fruitful, but only if you do without any mistakes. Especially if you are a new starter, you will tend to make a lot of mistakes that can impact your meditation. Knowing the problem is half of the solution, so the ten common Beginner’s mistakes that you might make while doing meditation are briefly given below for you. Let’s have a closer look;

Seeking for Relaxation

Meditation is not about relaxation at all. This is one of the biggest mistakes that beginners make while doing meditation. Simply, meditation is the balance between alertness and relaxation. If you are seeking relaxation when starting meditation, you will find yourself disillusioned quickly.

While doing meditation, you might feel some sort of restlessness, boredom, and discomfort, but it’s ok. As meditation is about experiencing those states, it’s about accepting them without any rejection rather than just being in a relaxed zone.

Can You Meditate On Your Bed or While Lying Down?

Yes, meditating on the bed or lying somehow good. Any place in which you can feel relaxed and have a peaceful, quiet, and positive state to focus is preferrable. However, meditating while lying down is not good, according to many meditation teachers. Lying down directs the balance away from alertness, and attracts the person in the relaxation zone. So it might make you fall asleep as well.

Relying too much on Guided Meditation

Yes, starting meditation with guided meditation is so far good for the beginners. What is not good is to rely on it too much to unwind and relax. At some point, you need to start practicing meditation by yourself in a quiet environment. Then only you can achieve some progress in meditation and will learn to be in the present situation.

Expecting for Quick Results

Many beginners do expect the quick benefits from meditation. And this is one of the biggest mistakes that most beginners make. Yes, meditation has lots of benefits, but you can’t experience those right away. Starting meditation as a ‘medication’ approach will surely result in a fail in expectations, frustration, and disappointment sooner on later for sure.

You will experience the benefits of meditation, but not immediately. By the time you know benefits are just byproducts of meditation, and it’s not an ultimate aim, you will be experiencing all sorts of those benefits.

How Long does it take for meditation to be beneficial for you?

Some minor changes can be seen during the completion of a week or more than one week. However, for significant changes, it can take up to 1 year. But usually, it takes approximately a few weeks of consistent meditation with an effective meditation method. The time duration is somehow dependent upon your intention too.

Choosing the Wrong Time of Day

Probably you don’t want to choose the wrong time, and you might be wondering about the proper time to practice meditation. But in reality, there is nothing like the right or wrong time to do it. It means you should learn to meditate whenever needed, irrespective of any tough situations. The main point is you need to develop the ability within yourself to meditate whenever needed.

However, it doesn’t go the same for the Beginner. In the case of beginners, it’s important to do it in the morning schedule rather than any other time of the day. Doing meditation in the morning time helps you to build it as a daily habit within you according to different researches.

Judging the Experience

You will start to notice the same patterns of thoughts persistently that your mind loves to get in as soon as you start meditating. Those thoughts will again try to put you in the negative zone where your mind feels the burden of the past and fear of the future. Most of our thoughts are controlled by the subconscious mind rather than the conscious mind.

The best thing you can do about it is not involving in thoughts, notice, and let them go. The more you give priority to your thoughts, the more bad the situation will be. So, letting go of the thoughts and moving on from the situation is the best thing you can do.

Starting with the Wrong Duration

You might wonder about the time you need to spend on your daily meditation. But the time is not fixed, it depends upon certain situations. For beginners who are starting, meditation should start with a very short duration, no much longer than ten minutes. You can even do 5 minutes of meditation. As long as you are spending some quality time on meditation, the duration won’t matter that much. As the main point is to do it consistently irrespective of any sort of duration.

Not Making up Time for the Mediation

This is also one of the biggest mistakes that many people make while practicing meditation. They can’t find time as they have their daily routine, which they have been following for years. So, people find it a bit hard to find 10 minutes for meditation these days.

But the fact is you can’t do meditation effectively unless you make time for the meditation. It is a simple choice of your conscious mind whether you want to make up the time or not for meditation. As far as you are interested in meditation, you will find the time anyhow. You can also start listening to healing music like binaural beats, solfeggio frequency, and so on.

You can find binaural beats for free on our app and our YouTube channel. All you need to do is go to the app store or play store and download our app Good Vibes Official.

There are lists of audio files just for you, choose an audio file, put on your headphones, sit back and relax listening to the music.

If you choose a paid subscription, you can download these binaural beats to your phone and listen to it anywhere in the get-go using. Use earbuds or headphones for more convenience.

Not letting go of your thoughts.

Each time you do meditation, negative thoughts are bound to pop up in your mind through the subconscious mind. Every time you hold it, you are going in the wrong direction. The main point is to let the thought come and go. Don’t hold your negative thoughts and avoid analyzing them while on meditation. Whenever a negative thought comes in your mind during meditation, just divert your mind back to your breath.

By the time you will learn to let go of the negative thoughts, none of them can harm you internally. So, letting go of your thoughts is the vital thing you must have while doing meditation.

Being Inconsistent

Consistency plays an extremely important role while doing meditation. You need to understand that you have to be consistent to make it a habitual so far. Until you’ve practiced meditation for some months or more, you won’t experience any kind of significant change in you. It is also included in a good habit which you can get just like other good habits like reading, exercising, etc. The more consistency, the more improvement you will feel in meditation.

Trying to Differentiate the Right and Wrong Way to Meditate

In most cases, when you’re just starting, your mind will be hyperactive during the meditation process. Your mind will continuously tell you lots of different things. The common question ‘Am I doing it right or not ?’ will frequently pop up in your mind. These are the traps that you have to dismantle every time it pops up to do meditation effectively.

The main matter is about trying to fully overcome the topic of how meditation ‘should be’ and ‘just’ be. Keep in mind that we all are connected to the universe in some or the other way. Meditation is the time when you have to connect yourself to the universe and break all barriers of separation. It’s time to get connected with the infinite depth of the inner being to discover yourself.

How do you Know Meditation is Working?

By the time you feel like you have developed qualities like relaxation, little clearness, understanding, and patience in your daily life, you can know that meditation is working. If you have not seen any changes yet, it means you need to spend more time on meditation.


It is a human tendency to make mistakes, especially if you are a newcomer. But the whole point is not to repeat it and learn from it. Until you are learning from your mistakes, even mistakes are good.

When talking about meditation, many questions frequently come in the Beginner’s mind while doing it. Many traps will try to trap your mind. But the point is keeping your mind away from the traps and trying to connect yourself to the universe. Meditation is all about discovering yourself and trying to reach the highest possibility of your mind.

As now, you are aware of the mistakes that one Beginner can make while doing meditation; you are all set to start your meditation again more efficiently and effectively.

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