Sound Healing: Benefits of the New Self Care Trend

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What is Sound Healing?

What do you do when you are in severe stress or very sad or very happy? It is pretty evident that many of you listen to music or play instruments and dance along with the best of the music. Music can express your emotions and can lift your mood. But most importantly, music has the power of healing.

A new self-care therapy has been trending lately, sound healing therapy. Why!! you may ask? Sound healing therapy uses facets of music to release energetic blockages out of your body. This therapy improves physical and emotional health by boosting the immune system and lowering stress levels, respectively.

You might be curious to know when, where, or how sound healing therapy was originated. Let’s get to its history right away.

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History of Sound Healing Therapy 

Sound healing therapy was used by ancient Greeks to cure mental disorders. Chant and mantras have a positive effect on sound healing. Egyptians, Indians, and Greeks had realized earlier that sound healing is more than just a sense of emotional well being. In other words, the sound has a healing effect on the body, not only emotionally but physically as well.

Music was used as a medicine for the first time by Pythagoras in 500 BC. He used flute and lyre to compose music for healing purposes.

Throughout history, music was used for boosting the morale of people and also warding off the evil spirits.

How does sound healing work? 

It is quite surprising to know that music can have such a positive effect on our lives. But how does this work?

We all know that sound is a vibration. Vibration is especially useful for healing the body. The body of an adult consists of 75% water, and water is a good conductor for vibration. So, when sound vibrations reach our ears and travel through the body, they rejuvenate and promote circulation. Good energy flows in our body. This is because the vibrations travel into the auditory cortex (sound processing part of the brain) and activate distress responses in the body.

Energy healing practitioners use diverse tools and instruments to perform sound healing therapy. Let’s find out the tools and how they work.

Sound healing tools

Singing Bowls

Singing bowls come in different sizes, and each bowl produces a unique vibration that relaxes and heals the mind. Bowls of different sizes work on separate parts of the brain, so they are mostly used together.

These metal bowls have been used in Tibetan culture since the 12th century for muscle relaxation and improved lymphatic flow. Bowls can be placed on the body to reduce stress, anger, depression, and promote healing.

Tuning Forks

By just tapping two tuning forks, you can enter the world of relaxation. Although tuning forks are used to tune other instruments, they have the power of altering your body’s biochemistry. If the tuning forks are held and tapped in specific parts of the body to send vibrations, then these tools release tension, balance your emotions, and relieve pain.


Gong has been used for rituals, ceremonies, and prayers since around 4000 BC. The sound of going has stronger vibrations due to its size and structure. Made from nickel silver with 63% copper, 25% zinc, and 12% nickel, Gong, the oldest transformational instrument, is now used in gong baths.

Gong bath is a kind of meditation in which the practitioner produces vibrations with a gong that work on the mind-body connection. Gong bath transforms a person’s physical as well as mental health by clearing fears and improving mental clarity.

Binaural beats

A binaural beat is an illusory tone that the brain perceives when you listen to a tone of 200 Hz in your left year and a tone of 205 Hz in your right year. Here, the frequency difference is less than 40 Hz, and both tones are within the frequency of 1500 Hz. The third tone or the binaural beat perceived by your brain is of frequency 5 Hz (205-200 Hz). This beat is experienced through earphones.

This modern way of sound healing tool is used for meditation, lowering stress levels, increasing focus, improving sleep, overcoming anxiety and depression, and relieves pain.

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Solfeggio Frequencies

This is a special track that uses specific sound patterns and helps your brain waves to achieve a beneficial frequency. With a set of sacred numbers and a repeating sequence of 3,6 and 9, Solfeggio Frequency balances your energy and heals you from inside out.

Some of the frequently used frequencies are:

  • 396 Hz: Freeing guilt and fear
  • 417 Hz: Facilitating Change
  • 528 Hz: Transformation
  • 639 Hz: Connecting Relationships
  • 741 Hz: Awakening Intuition
  • 852 Hz: Returning to Spiritual Order
  • 963 Hz: Enlightenment

Vocal Toning

The ancient Egyptians and Greeks knew this powerful sound tool and its capacities. Vocal toning is a natural sound healing tool that uses seven steady tones (one at a time) based on vowels to balance your cells and energize you. Each tune is connected to a particular area of your body. Vocal toning is powerful than the gong because your own voice can be a sound healing tool. You can use your own voice to self-generate the healing vibration and open your energetic pathways.


Djembe is a common wooden drum dressed in rope and goat hide. This tool was originated in South Africa. Using the drum in drumming circles and meditation practices can calm your spirit and reduce stress.


One thousand five hundred years ago, Didgeridoo was originated in Australia for ceremonial purposes. Later, the British Medical Journal discovered that Didgeridoo could be used in meditation to reduce snoring and sleep apnea, unblock positive energy, and improve asthma.

Native American Flute

We all love to hear the soothing sound of the flute, don’t we? Native American flute is one of the best music therapy that lowers blood pressure by reducing stress and controls anxiety and depression.


Two Swedish innovators conceived Hang seventeen years ago. So, this is the youngest of all other sound healing tools. This harmonic tool looks similar to the singing bowl. As a consequence of this, Hang also has the same purpose of healing on the cellular level and increasing focus with its deep melodic vibrations.

Rain Stick

Aztecs created a tool that looked like shakers made by children. They made the tool out of dried cactus and filled it with small stones or seeds. They named the tool rain stick because it produces the sound of falling rain. The sound of falling rain can release stress, but it is impossible to have rainfall whenever you are stressed. So, a rain stick can be a solution for you.


Kalimba or thumb piano is a simple presentation of music boxes. This wooden tool with metal keys is used to heal mental illness. Kalimba was also originated in Africa.

Hammered Dulcimer

Originated in medieval Europe, Hammered Dulcimer is a medley of a harp, a drum, and a keyboard. This instrument produces a captivating sound that calms your mind and reduces stress. If you are dealing with emotional turmoil, then this is the perfect instrument for you. This atmospheric instrument is also perfect for increasing focus.


Perfect for meditation and yoga, Monochord is an ancient musical instrument used for both entertainment and spiritual purposes. This tool is often said to be invented by Pythagoras. Monochord can bring back energy in the mind and body.


The most magical instrument of sound therapy is wind chimes. Many of you must have bought this special instrument at some point in your life either for decoration or to gift someone. Once the wind hits the wind chime, its sound takes you to a whole new world. They carry an elemental power and provides instant relaxation. This beautiful instrument brings joy within yourself and maximizes the flow of life force. Wind chimes are very prominent in Feng Shui.

Types of Sound Healing 

Guided Meditation 

As the name suggests, this type of sound healing involves a guide who instructs you while meditating either in a class, video, or an app. The guide will instruct you to focus on your breathing and do other instructions that will help you to heal. By following your guide, you can achieve a number of health benefits like stress reduction, powerful memory, low cholesterol, pain reduction, decreased depression, anxiety control, and low risk of heart disease.

Neurologic Music Therapy

What if I say there is a type of sound healing that is more effective than medicine? Pretty interesting, right?

Neurologic music therapy reduces stress and promotes relaxation. This therapy allows you to create, listen, sing, and dance to music. This therapy is effective for brain injuries and physical rehab.

Bonny Method

The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) is a type of sound therapy named after Helen C. Bonny. This therapy uses classical music and imagery to promote transformation, personal growth, and consciousness.


Nordoff-Robbins sound therapy is specially designed for children with mental health issues, autism spectrum disorder, dementia, and other conditions. In this method, skilled musicians who have completed the Nordoff-Robbins’ 2 years masters program, use music familiar to the children being treated. They create new music together and even perform their music.


We hum when we are happy, don’t we? Humming has the capability of reflecting our emotions without us knowing. This is a very simple therapy; however, research says that humming can reduce stress. Moreover, humming produces hormonal chemicals like oxytocin, which is also called a happy element(creates relief and joy).

Not only this, but humming can also improve the airflow between the sinuses and the nasal cavity. Who knew we were actually taking care of ourselves by humming?

Benefits of Sound Healing

Nowadays, more and more people are dealing with frustration, stress, anxiety, and depression. They don’t know how to deal with these negativities and try anything and everything to remove them. Among those ‘anything and everything,’ sound healing is also the one. People are actually achieving benefits through this method. These are the benefits of Sound Healing:

Lowers stress levels

Sound therapy restores more normal functions to our nervous system and recharges the cortex of the brain with high-frequency sound. The sound vibrations release latent energy in the brain. This helps to reduce the build-up of stress that is not healthy for the body.

Lowers blood pressure 

Sound therapy balances brain frequencies, significantly reducing Systolic blood pressure and Diastolic blood pressure. Stress is also the reason for high blood pressure. If your mind is free of stress, then your blood pressure decreases automatically.

Few headaches 

Sound healing is used to get relief from chronic headaches and migraines. The sound therapy balances brain frequencies to reduce chronic headaches. If the two major reasons stress and blood pressure are decreased by sound, then you will surely have fewer headaches.

Improves sleep 

Sound therapy improves the quality of sleep by cutting out negative mind chatter and allowing the mind to calm down and steadily moving it naturally into the slower rhythms that lead to a state of calm and relaxation. If your mind is at peace, then dozing off will not be an issue for you.

Increases concentration power

Sound therapy uses your whole body to take in the sound vibrations and move you beyond relaxation. This therapy is like food for your brains as it helps to center your mind. It lowers your brain wave frequency to help you regain focus in your life.

Boosts confidence 

The sound vibrations help to enhance your self-confidence and self-esteem by balancing the energy system of your body. The sound therapy brings positivity in your brain cells and gives you a great confidence boost to accept new challenges or make a move.

Improves relationship with others

If your mind is full of negative thoughts, you won’t have time to maintain relationships. Your mind will revolve around the issues that you are dealing with, and you won’t be able to focus on anything or anyone. Sound therapy helps in strengthening your relationships with people by releasing stress and anxiety. This gives you more time to think about the people you care about.

More energy 

Less stress means the brain is less tired. Sound therapy motivates the brain to release latent energy. This keeps you energetic in your day to day activities, and you will have all your attention on what you are working at.

Improves organizational skills

Your brain is more focused so, you will be able to control your daily tasks at home or at the office properly. This helps in improving your organizational skills.

Removes common ailments

Now that all your stress, blood pressure, and insomnia are decreasing, stress-related problems like hypertension, depression, stomach ache, and joint pains will also start to heal. The energy and oxytocin released by your brain will help you to cope up with any simple ailments that arise in your body.

Should you try Sound Healing?

After reading all the benefits of sound, you might want to try this. Don’t go with the trend, think yourself. We listen to music for entertainment and play music at weddings or ceremonies. There is no harm in listening to music. Sound healing has so much to offer. So, if you want to enjoy all the goodness of sound healing, then you should definitely try this therapy. For listening to this music, just download our Good Vibes Official mobile application today and enjoy 500+ sound healing music designed just for you.

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