What Does Good Vibes Official Offers?

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The vibe is a popular slang today. “I feel a good vibe from this”. We say this when we feel a particularly positive energy. Thus, vibe radiates not just through a single person but also from people present in a particular place. It can be either a person’s emotional state or a state of the whole atmosphere. In this article, we are going to check out the cool features of the Good Vibes Official app.

Nowadays, people do not have time to relax and calm themselves. Exhaustion and monotonous life is the actual way of living these days. Maybe most of you do not have time to relax and meditate. So, how can you release stress and anxiety from your life? How can you feel good anytime without any interruptions?

To answer most people’s quest to find happiness, harmony, peace, and positive energy in their life, we have enlisted different forms of music. Music is a universal language. The power of music is beyond anyone’s mind. It does not just help us connect with other individuals but also acts as an unpaid healer, shrink.

If the songs and music that we listen to has a great impact on us, imagine the power of special music such as Binaural Beats. Our application Good Vibes Official has the collection of high-quality majestic music for users to experience great relief from stress, anxiety, and any mental pressure.

What is Meditation?

Many people have a misconception that meditation is the practice of extremities. You have to go through extreme measures to achieve any outcome from meditation. This is completely a false statement. Let me ease you by saying meditation can be anything that you concentrate on.

Meditation can be art, dance, writing, music, etc. Meditation is the practice to think deeply or concentration of the mind. You can achieve meditation through silence or chanting various mantras in a loop.

Why Do You Need Meditation?

There is no one distinct reason for needing meditation. Meditation increases our concentration. We are mostly living a materialistic life, fighting for possessions that are unnecessary, and do not have a great impact on our lives.

Practicing meditation can help us in prioritizing our life into what is truly essential for us and what makes us absolutely free from any negativity. In modern days, the importance of meditation is more and more relevant. No just managing stress and anxiety but also helps in fighting chronic illness.

Most importantly, meditation is free. You can try it yourself and it is worth more than any medication and drugs. Through meditation, you can have control over your emotions, anger, anxiety, stress, insecurity, and many more.

Different Forms of Meditation

Meditation is the practice to achieve total awareness. Meditation has been in practice since ancient times. We can also say that the practices have evolved in modern times. However, if you want to know about traditional forms of meditation, it is explained further.

Let’s have a look at them.

1. Mindfulness Meditation

This meditation is the meditation of concentration. Being present in your own thoughts. This means you have to carry yourself parallel with your thoughts. You can practice mindfulness at any time of the day anywhere. The only thing you need to do is to pass your thoughts without judging them.

2. Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental meditation is the practice of chanting a word, sound, or small phrase repeatedly. This aids in settling our body in relaxation and a peaceful state.

3. Guided Meditation

As the name suggests, this form of meditation is practiced by the proper guidance of a spiritual teacher (Guru). The guru guides us to visualize pictures or special scenarios, which helps to relax our minds.

4. Vipassana Meditation

One of the ancient forms of meditation is Vipassana. The aim of Vipassana meditation is self-transformation through self-observation. You can achieve this by disciplining the physical sensations of your body in order to create a deeper relationship between your mind and your body.

5. Metta Meditation

Another name for Metta meditation is loving and kindness meditation. It is the simplest form of meditation anyone can practice. This form of meditation is all about well-wishing towards others.

6. Yoga Meditation

There is a wide range of courses and types of yoga. All these are intended to encourage versatility and relax the mind through a combination of postures and guided breathing exercises.

7. Chakra Meditation

The chakra meditation is all about healing, balancing, and harmonizing the energy centers present within our body. You can follow different techniques to relax and feel the connection with your energy chakras.

One of these techniques is meditating through Binaural Music Beats. You concentrate on the sounds and focus on the point of the body where these chakras lie.

What do we offer in Good Vibes Official App?

In this modern era, speed has become a way of living. We run after money, career, development, success, etc. Nobody has the time to meditate. Everybody has to meet his or her deadline. Otherwise, there is a severe consequence. Consequences of taking a break, the consequences of pausing, and the consequence of living.

Nobody wants to suffer. Nevertheless, that does not mean people need to feel tensed and stressed all the time. Good Vibes brings a way where people never have to stop their work and can feel relaxed at the same time. With the help of extremely soothing music, Good Vibes Official app can relieve you from stress, bring peace, prosperity, and harmony in your life.

Firstly, the Good Vibes Official app has a great user interface. You can find any kind of music you want to listen to simply from the search bar. Whether music can be for relaxation, meditation, sleep, etc. This application has encapsulated an ample amount of majestic beats for the enjoyment of its user.

The music encompasses the use of Binaural Beats. You can categorize what kind of music you want and customize your own playlist or album in the app. The app also has a new additional feature, which lets the user access the tracks offline.

Most users are mostly fond of this feature is as not many have internet access 24X7. This feature can be applicable during studying, working, traveling, etc. so that users can relax their mind without any disturbance.

Another commendable aspect of the quality of music. This is new and improves the advantage to the user. In this app, the developers have successfully produced and provided high-quality audio beats for maximum effect.

Are You Familiar with Binaural Beats?

You can say that binaural beats are auditory illusions. It is a form of sound therapy. The sounds provided by the binaural beats can support you to achieve a deep state of relaxation and calmness. Though the doctors recommend that this form of the therapy is semi-experimental, it has various positive results. In addition, there is no harm in listening to some music.

For our human brain to detect the binaural beats, their frequencies must be lower than 1000 Hz. When we listen to binaural beats, two different frequencies enter through each ear.

For instance, when the left ear records a 200 Hz tone and the right ear records a 210 Hz tone the binaural beat is 10 Hz — the difference between the two frequencies.

There are five different frequency patterns: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Patterns. The binaural beats used in the Good Vibes app uses all the frequency patterns so that the users can experience the natural form of relaxation.

Discover Relaxing Music in Good Vibes Official App

Human emotions can range to different levels. We can feel anxious, stressed, sleep-deprived, etc. In the good vibes app, there are all kinds of music and sounds for different human emotions and feels. From music to heal ourselves to increasing abundance, you can find it all in this application.

To know the different categories of music that you can find in the app, keep on reading the following section of this article.

1. Binaural Beats Meditation

In the first section of the article, I have illustrates a brief introduction about meditation and its importance. As well as, I have also mentioned about working of binaural beats. Now, in the binaural beat meditation, we can combine the two.

In simple terms, it is the form of meditation where you can listen to binaural beats to concentrate on your thoughts. A common theory is that binaural beats will assist you to enhance the meditation practice.

Binaural beats may help to generate the frequency necessary to produce the same waves that are standard during meditation. Binaural beats between 1 and 30 Hz generates the same pattern of brain wave, as you would feel in meditation.

If you are feeling to meditate listening to binaural beats, you can find the beats in the Good Vibes Official app. Within the app, you can find the binaural beats with Rife Frequency and Schumann Frequency.

Binaural beats meditation includes the music that you can listen to spread positivity, overcome any kind of phobia and anxiety, self-connection meditation, enhancing fertility, music that uplifts positivity in your life, and many more. From the chakra healing music to full body detox, you name it and you can find it in this app.

2. Nature Sounds

Natural sound can be less distracting than other sounds. In the Good Vibes Offical app, there is also a category for naturally occurring sounds. These sounds include rain, birds chirping, waterfall, etc.

People are inclined to listen and enjoy natural sounds. There is no artificial disturbance and interruption in the natural sound. Hence, there is great brain connectivity. We can clearly focus on the things happening in the outside environment as well as our inner thoughts.

Additionally, natural sounds help the body to relax and decrease our body’s sympathetic response. The sympathetic response is the response of our human body, which is a rapid involuntary response to the dangerous situation. Listening to natural music can benefit when we are feeling anxious.

Perquisites of listening to natural sounds are there will not be any noise in this sound. Pure natural sound can give a feeling of peace in the spiritual, mental as well as psychological state.

3. Shamanic Meditation

Shamans represent mostly the native people of Siberia, northern Asia, Tibet, North and South America, etc. Moreover, shamanic practices include the understanding of spiritual realms, wisdom as well as sacrifices one must make in our life.

Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual practices. A shamanic meditation practice guides us to mediate between the spirit world and our reality, so as to carry out soul healing and to have access to divine wisdom.

Shamans work in voluntary, joyful transformations that change their consciousness to travel into the realms of the unseen. The shamanic music is formed using different instruments such as drums, rattle, flute, etc. Nowadays, shamans are also using singing bowls and harps along with other instruments.

4. Instrumental Music

Musical instruments are favorite to everyone. Instrumental music has various abilities. One does not need to be in a meditating position to listen to instrumental music. You may be able to listen to this music while working, reading a book, cooking, sleeping, meditating, etc.

The instrumental music will enhance your concentration. You may be able to listen to this music after a long day of work. Instrumental music can help you relax and unwind.

This music may have a positive impact on our bodily processes, reduce pulse and heart rate, reduce blood pressure, and lower stress hormone levels.

Within the Good Vibes Offical app, you will find diverse dimensions of instruments. Some of the instrumental music you can find are flute, percussion, string instruments, relaxation music, and saxophone.

The music available includes all range from clearing impurities to when you are feeling loved that too in high quality.

5. White Noise

Most of you may have heard of white noise. Numerous individuals use these sounds so that they are able to sleep soundly at night. How does it work? The use of white noise masks other sounds from our surroundings with the help of tinnitus. Tinnitus is a constant ringing in the ear without any stimulus.

If you have trouble sleeping during the night or even if you are a light sleeper, I recommend you to use white noise. The white noise available in the Good Vibes Official app consists of Tinnitus Therapy and will be beneficial for people finding trouble sleeping.

The truth is there are thousands of white noise available all over the internet. So, what else makes the white noise in the Good Vibes Official app better than those do available on the internet?

Well, firstly you can consider the quality. All the sounds available in this application have the best quality. Other white noise may not have such quality. In addition, experts say that the sound of white noise should be managed. This means it cannot be too loud, not more than 50 to 65 decibels.

6. Yoga Meditation Music

Specific meditation practices need specific music. Yoga meditation practice has become one of the popular meditational practices. Yoga is a step to prepare the body for more structured meditation.

In traditional meditation, you will have to sit in one place for a long time. However, in yoga meditation, you will need to soothe and stretch the body into the various postures (asana).

Listening to music while practicing yoga meditation can help you feel relief, increase concentration, improve your health and digestion as well.

7. Affirmations

Our will and our thinking are enough to accomplish something. When we say our thought aloud, it becomes an affirmation. Affirmation strengthens our will power and changes our thoughts into actions.

Saying something positive out aloud will become true because saying something distinctly makes it a fact. An affirmation can work, as it will schedule your mind to believe the idea you have described. There is plenty of proof that using affirmation has aided thousands of people in building a positive attitude and believing in themselves.

All the positive affirmations were available in the Good Vibes Official app. Few of the accessible affirmation includes affirmation for wealth, affirmation for positive energy, affirmation for health, etc.

What Else Can You Find In The Good Vibes Official App?

If you are curious about meditation, meditational music, binaural beats, and other related topics, you can read the Good Vibes blog.

The blog is very informative to people who are willing to learn the importance of meditational practice. In addition, You can also learn the effect and results of meditation as well as various meditational tips.

Likewise, you will be able to listen to music and read the blog wherever you are, which a plus point in the app is.

Another feature is you can see in the app is setting a reminder for your sleep. This function will help you track your sleep schedule. In order for our bodies to regulate properly, sleep is very important. Certainly, sleeping around the same time every day will make your mind more prepared and active.

There is also a feature to categorize your favorite music. This function allows you to find what you want to listen to quickly without having to search for it. Hence, the list of favorites makes it easier for particular users to list out music they like.


Today, we are constantly running towards achieving something and becoming someone that we exhaust ourselves. We forget to live and take a gap. The Good Vibes official app tries to connect the users with themselves with the help of sounds and music.

Above all, the app will able to decrease the negative energy, which we build over time due to stress, work, anxiety, depression, etc. The good vibes app will try to generate a good vibe within yourself, anytime, anywhere, from your pocket.

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