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Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 delivers everything you expect — and things you never imagined possible. Think of them as smart headphones that let you keep your head up to the world with easy access to voice assistants. Or confidently take a call with the most powerful microphone system for voice pickup. And then there’s Bose AR*, first-of-its-kind audio augmented reality platform that makes astonishing new audio experiences possible. Now available in limited-edition Soapstone.

With Bose Headphones 700, we’ve even improved on what we’re most known for. You can now personalize your environment with 11 levels of noise cancellation. As you increase the noise cancellation, you incrementally minimize the distractions you hear in loud places. Or, decrease it to the point where you hear the world as if you weren’t wearing active noise cancelling headphones at all.

For quick interruptions, press a button for Conversation Mode to pause the music and let surrounding noise in — perfect to quickly place a coffee order or chat with a coworker.

Features Available
Noise cancellation 11 Levels
Controls Touch

Buttons: VPA (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa), Bluetooth, Controllable Noise Cancelling

Voice-enabled VPA: Amazon Alexa

Bose Music app


Bose Music App Available
Battery life Battery life: Up to 20 hours

Battery charging time: Up to 2.5 hours

Microphones 8 total microphones

6 microphones for Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)

4 microphones for Voice Pickup (2 are shared with ANC)

Bluetooth YES Up to 33 ft (10 m)
Colors Black

Luxe Silver


Inpur USB-A on the source side (but a C-C cable would also work with a C-capable source)



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