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What Payment Methods Do We Accept?

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In Good Vibes Official App – We accept both most major debit and credit cards.

The payment methods that we currently accept to purchase your Good Vibes subscription are as follows.

  • Visa Card
  • Mastercard
  • American Express (but the US only)

These are the payment method you can use to purchase our Good Vibes Official subscription.

[Note: Purchasing through iTunes or Google Play, payment methods and pricing may differ]

For more information about pricing and payments, please go to the support of the official website.


Google Playhttps://support.google.com/googleplay#topic=3364260

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept payment via

  • PayPal Debit and credit
  • Pre-paid credit cards
  • Gift card (iTunes and Google play)

For now, we don’t accept the upper payment method but we will try to add these payment methods in the coming days…

What Currencies Do We accept?

If you purchase your subscription via iTunes or Google Play, the currency options will vary, but the converted amount remains the same as shown for the subscription.

If you have any questions regarding currencies than please visit the support section of iTunes and Google Play respectively.

Thank You.