What is Binaural Beats Therapy: How Do They Work?

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Binaural Beats therapy is a special type of therapy that incorporates beats of different frequencies at the same time to ease from stress, anxiety, and mild physical pains also. People have been using music as a way to ease pain for a long time. And after a series of extended examinations by researchers, it was found that binaural beats have soothing and healing effects. Since then, different patients have been using binaural beats therapy to treat various diseases.

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 What are Binaural Beats?

In simple terms, Binaural Beats are special types of frequencies that are made by playing two different beats that have different frequencies and combining them into one. Sadly, these magical beats are more complex to create than told in the definition above. You cannot just randomly play two different sounds and create Binaural beats. Certain factors like frequency threshold, the difference between frequency, calmness on beats, etc. should be taken into consideration. We will discuss these topics in detail as we further move to the article.

When you listen to two different sounds having a different frequency from both your years, your brain will process the two different beats with a different frequency to a new sound having a different frequency. These new beats with different frequencies are known as Binaural Beats.

Binaural beats are formed when two similar beats are having a frequency of less than 1000 Hz. The difference between the frequencies of the two tones should not exceed 30Hz at any cost. Binaural beats will not be functional if they are not within these frequency ranges.

The two tones have to be played separately and through one earphone to one. Meaning your right and your left ear each receives different frequency tones. These frequencies will also be nonfunctional if you play from the same source to a single ear.

History of Binaural Beats

Binaural beats were first discovered in Germany by a German researcher named Heinrich Wilhelm Dove when he used a monaural beat. When that beat was later studied, it was found that beat was a binaural beat.

The Binaural beats were considered to be hypnotics because of the Ganzfeld effect, which is induced by similar stimuli.

Binaural beats will cause Cerebral synchronizations, which means that these binaural beats would activate the whole brain effect.

Binaural beats were used to tune musical instruments. And after a series of researches, researchers have found the health benefits that the binaural beats provide. And these days' special types of therapy incorporating binaural beats are used to treat many psychological illnesses.

What are Binaural Beats Good For?

Binaural beats relieve stress and tension. They make you feel less anxious. Patients who were very anxious to undergo their surgery have admitted that the binaural beats have helped ease their stress and make them feel better.

Binaural beats are also useful for long and short term memory. Many students have admitted that they have had an easier time while appearing exams after using the binaural beats therapy.

Do Binaural Beats Work?

Binaural beats do work. There are various claims and experiments to back it up.

In recent research conducted in 2019, which evaluated the readings of 22 different studies, people with anxiety felt much better after listening to binaural beats for a long period. These studies on Binaural Beats back up the fact that the Binaural beats do work in real life.

How do you use Binaural Beats?

Using binaural beats is very easy. All you will need is a device to play the binaural beats and a headphone or an earphone to listen to it. Binaural beats are not as effective when you don't use a headphone. Earphones also provide good relaxation, and I would suggest you use high-quality headphones for the best experience because the quality of the headset will affect the overall experience.

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What are Brain Waves?

Our brains are continually emitting different types of electric impulses. The wavelengths of these impulses are directly dependent on your mood. Brain waves are the electrical impulses of the brain.

You have five different types of brain waves, namely Alpha pattern, Beta Pattern, Theta Pattern, Delta Pattern, and Gamma Patterns. These patterns have various types of frequency in all ranges. The frequency of these brain waves ranges from as low as 0.5 Hz to as high as 50 Hz.

What are Different Types of Brainwave Frequency?

Delta Patterns

Binaural beats with the frequency around 0.5 to 5 Hz are also termed as delta patterns. When an ECG (Electroencephalogram) reading in a patient was taken, it was found that people using binaural beats of delta frequency while sleeping had deeper periods of sleep and also fell asleep faster.

People suffering from schizophrenia have a reduced level of delta patterns in the brain waves. These patients can use delta patterns to reduce schizophrenia.

If you are suffering from Schizophrenia, Parkinson's diseases, Sleep deprivation, or insomnia, there will be a depleted amount of delta patterns, which can be rejuvenated via Binaural beats therapy.

Theta Patterns

Binaural beats having the frequency of 4 to 7 Hz are termed as theta patterns. Theta patterns are oscillatory ECG patterns. Research involving theta patterns of the binaural beats, therapy stated that the patients had better creativity, patients could meditate better, and their periods of sleep were better in the REM phase, which is also known as rapid eye movement phase.

If you have a hard time falling asleep, you can set the binaural beats to the frequency of 4 to 7 Hz, which is theta patterns will help you aid to get a night of better sleep.

Alpha Patterns

Binaural beats having a frequency of 7 to 13 Hz are termed as alpha patterns of binaural beats therapy. These alpha patterns are some of the best all-around patterns for good relaxation. Alpha patterns will help bring a better mind and body coordination. Alpha patterns also aid in learning; you will be calmer and have a better and easier time learning new things.

Beta Patterns

Binaural beats having the frequency 13 to 30 Hz are termed as a beta pattern. The beta patterns have a higher range of the spectrum, so around the higher end, it might cause anxiety in some cases if you use it in its correct range, the beta frequency will help you improve your concentration and make you more alert.

Gamma Patterns

Binaural beats having the frequency 30 to 50 Hz are termed as gamma patterns, so these frequencies also fall on the higher side. Researchers have stated that Gamma patterns of the Binaural Beat therapy help in arousal in an awake user.

These are the different patterns of Binaural beats therapy patterns. You can consult a medical professional or take some time researching which pattern of beat suits you the most.

How long Should I listen to Binaural Beats?

There are no boundaries and limitations on how long you should listen to binaural beats. However, you shouldn't raise the volume too high because continuous exposure to loud noise may cause hearing loss.

If you maintain an optimum level of volume, which will not hamper your hearing ability, you can listen to binaural beats for as long as you want. Researchers have shown that listening to binaural beats for an hour or two made people less anxious.

You should at least use the binaural beats for a minimum of 5-10 minutes, and then you can listen to it until you succeed in anything that you are doing. Binaural beats can be used during mediation or if you are anxious at night and cannot fall asleep. You can use binaural beats when you are feeling stressed. And you can listen to it until you feel better.

People with severe anxiety issues have listened to binaural beats for half an hour and felt less anxious in many cases.

When is the Best time to Listen to Binaural Beats?

You can listen to binaural beats any time you want to. There are no downsides in listening to binaural beats at any time of the day. However, there are some specific times of the day where you can listen to the binaural beats to get the most of it. Most people prefer to listen to Binaural beats

  • Early in the morning to get a head start of the day. You will also feel a lot more rejuvenated and fresh during the day.
  • You can also use binaural beats in the late night to calm down and relax for a night of better sleep.

If you listen to binaural beats in the early morning during meditations, you will have a fresher start to the day and have a livelier day throughout.

You can listen to binaural beats at any time of the day. We may use binaural beats when we feel stressed, anxious, or tired. Listening to Binaural beats for a little amount of time will also help you a lot to go through the day.

And if you're insomniac, you can listen to binaural beats before you go to bed or before you fall asleep, you can set up an automatic stop timer on your mobile phone and listen to Binaural beats for at least 25-30 minutes. You will get a deeper and better sleep, and you will also fall asleep a lot quicker, listening to Binaural beats.

You can also listen to binaural beats while you are doing yogas, workouts, etc.

Nowadays, patients have been using binaural beats therapy to reduce anxiety before undergoing any kind of surgery. The binaural beats have shown a great result in making the patients less anxious about their surgery.

How do you know if binaural beats are working?

Binaural beats tend to synchronize both hemispheres of your brains. You might feel quite odd. And people have also felt lightheaded at times. There are various ways to know if binaural beats are working or not. Some of the ones that you can easily notice are your breathings. If you closely pay attention to your breathing, your breathing will be slow and deep, and it denotes that you are much more relaxed, and you can feel less tense and stressed, and you will also feel a lot less anxious.

If you had an elevated heart rate, your heart rate also tends to go back to normal.

What are the Advantages of binaural beats therapy?

There are a lot of advantages that come along with the binaural beat therapy. And some of the most noted ones are:

  • You will feel less anxious and stressed after using Binaural beats therapy.
  • If you are insomniac, sleep will come early to you.
  • You can use binaural beats to gain confidence. Several types of research show that people listening to binaural beats have increased confidence.
  • If you regularly listen to binaural beats, you will have a better long term memory, and you will be able to focus and concentrate more.
  • You will also be more motivated and have a better overall mood after using binaural beats therapy.
  • And if you use binaural beats regularly, your psychomotor performance will also improve by quite a margin.

These are only some of the many advantages of binaural beats therapy. Binaural beats therapy can treat many types of psychological diseases.

What Types of Patients should avoid Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats therapy may harm a certain group of people with different types of disabilities. Patients with certain disorders are susceptible to these side effects. Patients with any neurological disorder history should try and avoid binaural beats therapy and choose some other alternative of treatment. People with seizures should not use binaural beat therapy. The different wave frequency might trigger seizures in the patients.

You should also avoid using binaural beats in the works, which require 100% of your attention because you might get carried away and lose your concentration at any time. Activities like driving, lighting a fire, and working on hazardous items are where you shouldn't listen to binaural beats. You might not be able to give all your attention to the works and might end with an accident.

You should not use binaural beats therapy if you are a pregnant mother. Pregnant women should strictly avoid binaural beat therapy after the pregnant mother crosses the first trimester of her pregnancy.

Research-Based on Binaural Beats

Researchers have conducted many experiments on binaural beats therapy. In recent days there are a lot of claims that have suggested that the binaural beats therapy does work and has a lot of benefits for its use. Some of the major researches conducted on binaural beats therapy:

Binaural Beats as Pre-anesthetic Medication

The researcher conducted this experiment to determine the correlation between binaural beats and the sensory neuron of the brain that triggers when a person we give pre-anesthetic medication. The researcher performed this experiment with a sample size of about 100 patients.

Pre-anesthetic medications were administered to these patients before the use of anesthesia in these patients. And the same patients were exposed to beta binaural beats before they use anesthesia too. Binaural beats gave similar types of effects like pre-anesthetic medications.

Researches have shown that exposure to brain wave with 6Hz for a short amount of time will induce an effect on your brain as similar to the mediation. And when patients were exposed to a particularly high frequency of binaural beats for a certain period, the binaural beats tend to stimulate the cognitive flexibility of the patients and increased the congestive flexibility of the following patients.

Binaural Beats as Antianxiety

In 2001, 15 patients with mild anxiety were treated with binaural beats therapy. The results of the patients who listen to binaural beats for a month was incredible. The patients listened to the binaural beats for a month. Those patients had a reduced level of anxiety after the completion of the research.

Binaural Beats Increases Focus

In another experiment, 24 students from Leiden University were subjected to this experiment. Students with perfect eyesight were used in this experiment, and when the subjects were exposed to high-frequency binaural beats had increased focusing ability and were a lot more attentive.


Binaural beat therapy is a rapidly trending form of treatment that uses Binaural beats to heal a disorder. Here disorder mostly refers to stress, trauma, anxiety, and other psychological aspects. The primary working rule of Binaural beats is that even if we provide slightly different frequency beats to our left and right ears, our brain somehow perceives that two different beats as a single beat. Binaural beats therapy has a lot of advantages. These advantages cannot be unseen and avoided; in fact, these advantages are backed up by research too. We can all benefit from the advantages of binaural beat therapy. Binaural beats help us increase our long term memory, which a lot of us can use.

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