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About us

“Get your vibe Generator in your pocket
and access new realms of your life !”

The user friendly Good Vibes app is here, as its name suggests, to relieve you of stress, fill you with joy, bring peace, prosperity, balance and harmony in your life. Music, as we all know is one of the best stress reliever and its music that heals you in bad times and magnifies your good times.

Therefore, we are here at Good Vibes, spend ample time in majestic music production to make sure that our users have a relaxing and enjoyable time using your app to bring the desired changes in their life. The new Good Vibes app has newer and more friendlier interface.

You can collect your favorite binaural tunes and make a playlist or an Album out of it. The App also has a fresh function of accessing tracks and sounds offline. And one of the most interesting perks of this app is that while on our previous platforms, we faced a difficulty of providing you with high quality audio, here we have all of it settled. So sit back, or lay down and enjoy Good Vibes and all its goodness.

We care about our users

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