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Good Vibes Official is your new best app for meditation, sleeping, and mind programming. You can reduce your stress and strain with our Meditation Programs like Mindful Meditation Programs, Healing programs, Higher Consciousness Programs, Guided Meditation, Mindful Meditation. Manifestation Programs, and many more. Brain programming and our miraculous ASMR programmed and guided meditations will change the way you experience your life. Good Vibes is the app that is preferred by various Mental and Spiritual Health experts and will change the way you spend the rest of your days on this earth.

Whether you are new to meditation or have been practicing it for a while now, Good Vibes is the perfect app for you.

Our Journey

When it comes to talking about Good Vibes Official, there are three people whose names come with it. It’s hard to talk about Good Vibes Official without talking about Mr. Dinesh Bogati, Mr. Rojit Shahi, and Mr. Krishna Gurung. It all started with a YouTube Channel named Good Vibes – Binaural Beats. The two friends, Mr. Dinesh Bogati and Mr. Rojit Shahi started the channel back in 2015 to provide soothing music to its viewers. Their hard work did pay off and today the channel has more than a thousand music related to sound therapy with more than a million subscribers.YouTube is a good platform to reach out to more audience but the way it works, and the user experience in terms of listening to healing music is not that great. The main reason: not being able to provide Ultra Definition Sound that our creators create due to file compression. There are various other issues that arise when providing our content over YouTube, like features limited to what YouTube had created.For example, a user does not have the privilege to download the music and listen offline, there isn’t a timer to set and many more. So the two friends decided to develop an app.
An app that covers up all the issues that the user was having while listening to audio clips over YouTube. And with the Good Vibes official app, we could provide more content to the users.So, in order to make their dream come true, Mr. Krishna Gurung joined the company as one of their board members. They began to work on the app in 2017 with a small team so that the Mobile Application could help people experience the benefits of meditation anywhere at any time of the day right from their mobile phones. The development of the app began in 2018 with Krishna Gurung coordinating the app development team. And the company that developed the Good Vibes Official App is Click and Press Pvt. Ltd Kathmandu, Nepal, the branch office of Click and Press LLC MA, USA. And that app turned into Good Vibes Official today

Our Mission to improve the health and happiness of the world

Restful state of your body and mind impacts your sleep and activity. More restful you are, the better you sleep and more exuberant you become

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats meditation includes the music that you can listen to spread positivity, overcome any kind of phobia and anxiety, self-connection meditation, enhancing fertility, music that uplifts positivity in your life, and many more


Learn our selection of guided meditations that will have you sleeping in minutes.


Good Vibes Official provides you with various soothing and relaxing music that will help you sleep better and get more restful sleep.

Bed Stories

Compose Music

There are various soothing sound effects like, nature sound, bell sound, rain sound, frequencies, etc. which you can use to create your own sound according to your need.


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