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One viral infection triggers a dominos effect. It starts a world crisis of a magnitude not seen after the World War I & II. A crisis that encompasses all aspects of our life – our craft/work, lifestyle, and wellbeing.

At larger scale, it is disrupting world harmony, governance and economy. The world economy is at standstill. People are losing jobs and are applying online for unemployment fund in thousands if not in millions. Result, websites are crashing every hour. Helplines are barraged with suicidal calls. Death is going berserk.

In this worst of the situations, some are handling it in the best way possible. Others are breaking down under the pressure.

In this challenging hour, a Holistic Wellbeing Manifesto can act as our North Star. Guiding you and I walk through this difficult time with care and balance.

Most of us see health as a seesaw between two states: 

1) disease and 2) ease.

Disease = out of health either by internal or external factors

Health = no disease

1st Fundamental Atomic Shift:

Holistic Wellbeing

Wellbeing goes beyond this limited definition of health. Wellbeing takes a holistic approach and gives equal importance to our body, mind and energy.

Energy =› Flow =› Harmony/Disharmony
Mind =› Beliefs =› Harmony/Disharmony
Body =› Posture =› Harmony/Disharmony

In short,
Wellbeing ≠ No disease,
Wellbeing = Harmony within.

What is Harmony?

Harmony is the result of a balance you create within your system. A thing in balance is neither good nor bad. It is above them because it is balancing them. It can use the right thing in the right place and at the right time.

1st Sub-atomic Shift:

Mind More Than a Storehouse of Your Memory

Whatever we manifest in the physical reality, first we germinate in our mental dimension. Your thoughts influence your system and your surroundings. Here is an experiment conducted by Dr Masaru Emoto from Japan.

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Now, I would suggest you to do an experiment yourself!

Take a glass of water and hold it in your hand and close your eyes and say, “Dear water, I am thankful to you and kindly accept my gratitude and love.”

Keep it in your hand for 30 seconds or more, then drink. You will find the water tastes much better.

(I drink water in a copper vessel and every time I express my gratitude, it turns

Are your mind and beliefs in harmony with the whole cosmos?

2nd Sub-atomic Shift:

The Geometry of your Body Shapes Your Wellbeing

Figure 4. Posture effect on valence of thoughts. Proportion of negative thoughts for the different body posture condition (Straight versus control versus stooped), and mood induction conditions (negative versus neutral) with standard error bars (1-SE) (Experiment 1).

In this universe, the function of a body is defined by its geometry. A butterfly and a hummingbird both fly, but the way they fly is defined by the geometry of their body.

A butterfly contracts its body, making a slanted figure. This posture pushes air under its wings, effectively propelling a butterfly through the air. Whereas, a hummingbird stokes its wings forward and backward, pivoting up to 180 degrees at the shoulder to rotate the wing.

Our body is no different. The shape our body takes has influence on our emotional state. As a thumb of rule, more stooped your body, the more receptive you are to negative influences. On the other hand, straighter your body, the more receptive you are to positive influences. (At the bottom of the manifesto, I have listed a link to the full article)

3rd Sub-atomic Shift:

The Centre of Energy Is You.

Let’s do a thought experiment. Imagine you have a doppelganger. Touch the skin of his/her hand. Feel the wrinkles and the hair. With everything in its place the hand feels solid.

Now, you have shrunk to the size of swarming cells. Enjoy your ride along with his swarming cells. You continue to shrink in size and now you are enjoying the company of organelles within the cells.

You are shrinking more to the size of sub-atomic energy clouds. Sub-atomic energy clouds make up the atoms. Finally, you have shrunk to the size of a nucleus. Here, you are with a positively charged proton, neutrally charged neutron and negatively charged electrons. You are among them and at the same time very far from them because essentially these subatomic particles are units of energy with vast distances between them. An atom is 99.99% empty space.

This thought experiment demonstrates that as you shrink in size from the skin tissues to subatomic particles, you realise it is 99.99% empty space. There’s no solid or soft things – only a field of energy with 99.99% empty space to travel around. That means your doppelganger and your hands are made up of superimposed dynamic energy in constant vibration and of consciousness.

Life is one energy manifesting in many forms.

System of Wellbeing

At last, we are putting skin, colour and personality to our manifesto.

Jenny Vs Grace

Once upon a time…
There lived two neighbours – Jenny and Grace. Both are successful in their fields of
choice. But the similarities end there.
Let’s look at their modus operandi.


  • Focused on quick-fix
  • Remedy first, wellbeing later
  • Seeks Panacea
  • Happy in her comfort zone
  • Avoids commitment
  • Builds short-term health reserves (piling of capsules and meds)


  • Focused on holistic wellbeing
  • Values commitments
  • Avoids quick-fixes
  • Implements the system of wellbeing

Because of their modus operandi, they use two different approaches to take care of themselves.

Here comes the final climax in the story… they’re not two different persons; but one person looked at from two different points in a time scale.

So, what happened in between the story that lead to Jenny’s metamorphosis into Grace?

Something snapped!

All hope was lost.
Jenny stretched her limited belief of health is of flesh as far as it could and then it snapped!

Piling up of capsules and meds made her body resistant or resilient to them. For her, it was a small problem. She looked for a quick solution and found it.

A Simple Short-Term Solution:

Increase the power of the capsules and meds.

If you really look at it, it is the same way an addict thinks and act. In order to get quick relief, he takes the substance and over a period of time the intakes get frequent and stronger.

Many of us, in this fast and modern world, replace fresh vegetables and fruits with vitamin supplements. Some of us even completely avoid vegetables and fruits and rely only on these supplements. Yes, they will give you vitamins and nutrients. But there is one BiG difference.

In yogic culture, fresh vegetables and fruits give more than vitamins and nutrients. They give prana; in English loosely translated as life energy. You can only get prana (life energy) from another life; not from dead corpses.

If you hate vegetables and fruits, a better solution would be to use honey.

And then…


(These are some of the comments posted by our Good Vibes community of 1.25 million subscribers on YouTube.)

Did the transformation happen overnight or gradually?

If you only look at Grace (ignoring Jenny) than the transformation happened overnight. And if you look at Jenny and then Grace than the transformation happened gradually. One milestone at a time.

Jenny is germination and Grace is blossoming of human consciousness.


Balance is the essence of life within and outside.

Short-term health can be purchased over a counter. (Read the full paper on pain killer also the empathy killer at the bottom of our manifesto.)

But holistic wellbeing takes longer because it requires the dynamic of a relationship between the parts (body, mind and energy) of our whole system.

What reveals itself through this thinking is that holistic wellbeing is the result of harmony within, not by Band-Aid fixes. That the assumption that health means absence of a disease is fundamentally incomplete.

When you prioritize the short-term, quick fixes; your overall wellbeing may go out of balance. Just because negative downstream effects are invisible (for the time being), doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

When we invest in long-term holistic wellbeing, we create harmony and with harmony comes the flowering of life energy within.

That is what it means to be a holistic human being, who understands the synergy of the whole is not 1+1 = 2, but it is 1+1 =2 and some more.

This is the reality; you can either embrace it or keep playing the bind. Reality won’t change. But based on your mindset and behaviour, your holistic wellbeing will be radically different.

Life flow chart

Your Mindful companion
Manis Kaucha &
The Good Vibes Official Team

PS. By the end of our manifesto, we hope that is now yours, too. If you like and got some ah-ha! insights, kindly share it with people you love and care.

Your sharing means a lot to us. It means we move one step closer to our vision of “Restless to Restful Plus Mindful”.


Embodied mood regulation: the impact of body posture on mood recovery, negative thoughts, and mood-congruent recall

From painkiller to empathy killer: acetaminophen (paracetamol) reduces empathy for pain