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How Meditation control our mind

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Our mind is not stable at one point – we usually think about the past or for the future. We are not aware of the surroundings and cannot figure out what we are doing at the moment.

To find those answers – we start to do meditation. So basically, “what is meditation?

Meditation is just an observation of our thoughts – focus on the mental and spiritual processes, in which we develop a consistent and concentration of our rational mind. Proper meditation influences our mind, body, emotions, where it attempts to focus, concentrate, and train to clear negative thoughts.

Meditation helps us to find peace when our mind wanders and diffuses in searching for satisfaction without any lead.

So how meditations control our minds? Is this actually true that we can control our minds through meditation?

Our brain is composed of the unimaginably electrochemical organ where there is always a certain level of electrical activity moving around whether you are sleeping or engaged in certain activities. But during the meditation time, our brain stops processing information actively as they usually do inactive state.

Studies showed that meditation could build long-term structural change in our brain as it introduces new pathways by creating new brain cells.

Nath says: “Meditation primary aim is to extend our awareness so that our actions can be harmonious.”

Another study shows that long-term meditators had larger gray matter density in the brain stem – which is associated with emotional regulation.

Our mind can only focus on one thought at a time, so when we practice meditation, we draw our focus on something relaxable and claiming just like a mantra.

Our thoughts rise at high speed as we start to meditate, which prevents us from reaching a peaceful state. We are entirely incapable of focusing on one point but do not freak out. As we practice daily meditation, our overwhelming thoughts will start to reduce slowly.

Regular practice of meditation helps you to escape from the negative thoughts and overcome obstacles – which give you the source of concentration. It helps to vanish your greatest hidden enemy – your ego. Ego is a terrible disease that causes sorrows of life. Our minds can able to cope with all our hatred, anger, and jealousy, which are causing so much trouble in our life.

Meditation trains our minds to forget all our painful past and modified our present better. It develops certain areas of our brains that are responsible for stress, fear, and anxiety.

Finally, by controlling our minds – we become more relaxed and alert. Meditation is good for our both body and soul. So sit down for a while, take a deep breath, and free your mind.

Meditation primary aim is to extend our awareness so that our actions can be harmonious – Nath

How You Can Promote Your Brain Health Through Meditation

Your brain health is a significant factor – regular meditation maintains can change your habits. You can control your thoughts, which helps you to become more peaceful. Some of the things that can promote our brain health through meditation:

  • Dealing with stress and anxiety in a proper way.
  • Maintain a close relationship with your beloved one.
  • Acquiring a strong sense of self-awareness and self-confidence.
  • Maintaining the regular habits of good sleep, diet.


Meditation helps to relax our mind and expand awareness by gaining focus on one specific thing. Your mind pays attention to all the things of your surroundings – where you simply perceive everything without reacting.

In the beginning, there is some effort for practicing meditation, but later on – it becomes habitual.

If you have any queries to ask about the meditation or which songs will do best while practicing meditation, then feel free to contact us.

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