Good Vibes now has a fresh look!

Change is inevitable and a systematic process for everything around us. Good Vibes is stepping into the process of extending wings and flying towards the hearts of each of you with a broader vision. After touching millions of souls from our binaural frequencies, we are now in the position to facilitate our soulful users in the entirety of Sound Therapy and Meditation. Welcome, and Thank you for supporting us all along!

1. rebranding

Rebranding Good Vibes might be one of the easiest campaigns ever made because of its strong bond with its users. We ask everything to our users via polls, direct emailing, and questioning sessions. Our users appreciated the new logo, theme, color, mascot design, and content as they participated in the churning process. We hope and believe that we aim to expand ourselves with this salient rebranding process, upholding our dear users in our hearts.

a. Logo

Good Vibes New Logo Is Symbol Of Technological And Natural Essence. Good Vibes logo, in a true sense, is like a beautiful mixture of Tech-Nature concept. We kept in mind to use the purple color, which symbolizes creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, and pride in general sense. Most importantly, it was perfectly designed in the modern concept by our in-house designers symbolizing a Rabbit sitting on Green grass. Nevertheless, Rabbit is also the symbol of longevity, fertility, good luck, and creativity across the world in different cultures.

b. mascot

Yeh! Here Comes Rabbit-Mascot As Brand Ambassador For Good Vibes. After a thoughtful discussion and not shying away from the suggestions made by our users online, we decided to keep Rabbit-Mascot as our representative. Similarly, with a series of polls and votes in hand, we chose to keep its name, Mellow. How do you like it? The Rabbit-Mascot has been featured on different products at our online shop. However, why did we keep Rabbit to represent us? Out of many explanations, a one-liner answer is, 'it is a symbol of luck and Good Vibes.'

c. new website and application

After a successful attempt to produce, create and make our space in users' hearts via sound therapy music, we are proud to come up with Good Vibes App in Google and IOS stores. The journey has taught us the importance of genuine information about sound therapy. Good Vibes and the Good Vibes Official website is an open platform for queries and discussion about attaining peace via Meditation in General

2. Bug Fixes

The Good Vibes App on the play store has its own process of redefining each day. A team of experts has dedicated their time and effort to making it flawless. We take into consideration fixing the bugs in each update. Meanwhile, the App is very much liked by the users and has been downloaded over a hundred thousand times.

a. Authentication Issue

The Good Vibes app has an automatic authentication process once the users sign up for the App with a valid email address and information. However, if you face any issues while registering your authentication process, do not hesitate to write Good Vibes Tribe at

b. Track Player

Track player in the Good Vibes App has been designed to play Binaural Beats and Sound Therapy music according to the user-friendly algorithm. Even if you are not a premium user, you are entitled to make your personalized playlist with a series of music you like from our music library. Nevertheless, users can track limitations on their listening time with a stop-timer.

c. Download Issue

Apart from choosing to make the customized playlist, the Good Vibes App users can download the music and enjoy them 'on the go' even if they are not connected to the internet. This offline mode would enhance your dedication to meditation to the next level wherever you are. The new updates on the App have resolved the issues regarding downloads and progressively made itself a unique feature.

d. Subscription Issue

The paid subscription program, aka premium subscription plan, will leverage your way to unique content. Hence, observing the demand of our beloved users, Good Vibes Team made an effort to make it easy to purchase just a click away. Keeping in mind there is nothing such as perfection, our customer team is dedicated to resolving any issues regarding Subscription at

3. Feature Upgrades

We have added various features to the Good Vibes app like Set Timer and Faster Data Load, which help you to improve your app performance in a way that blocks your internet and enables offline experience. You can download music with ease. We have also added a feature for Favorites, enabling you to view downloaded videos in order of priority

a. Set Timer

With Good Vibes App Timer, you can restrict how much time you spend in the app. For example, you can set it up, so you only use GV App for 30 minutes per day; when your usage time is up, the app will pause. You can set daily screen time limits, forcing you to stop the healing music playing while you are about to sleep when you've exceeded the time limit

b. Faster Data Loading

Good Vibes is constantly optimizing its app so the loading time can be as less as possible and still provide you with an awesome experience. We have an automated process in place to continually update and improve our app, so that you can use it without any issues or crashing. If you face any issues while using our app, we are always glad to help

c. Custom Playlist

Playlists are a great way to organize your playlists. You can save a playlist as a playlist and shuffle the tracks on the playlist whenever you want. You can also create playlists from your favorite tracks and listen to them once or get them alert in your existing playlist.

4. Upcoming New features

As we are continuing to work on our app for the best features and customer satisfaction. We are happy to announce that we are working on the next release of new features for our app. This new update includes a lot of new features and improvements, including

1. Daily goals and a self-journal

2. Refer a friend & family

We’d love to have you in our Happy Customer List!

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